Coronavirus Australia live update: Scott Morrison holds press conference after national cabinet meeting on borders and hotspots | Australia news

We’ve got rules around federal parliamentarians coming here – as long as it’s work-related, obviously they can come and engage in work-related events.

Other than that, they’d be required to, you know, not mix and mingle.

But I think that’s a fair – a fair balance. Other states have said that the prime minister. I think if the prime minister wants to go to Queensland he’s got to go into a hotel and quarantine for two weeks.

So we’re not actually putting that obligation on the prime minister of Australia, but we’re saying if he comes, he would need to go into a sort of – he can come and do work and all that sort of stuff but if he’s not doing that, you’d be required to stay away from from mingling with people.

That’s a fair balance.

I’d urge the prime minister if he wants to come here, come and have a look. It is a great model. I’d be happy to show him around. In terms of the commentators, I have seen some of the commentary out of the east and I think it shows a grievous and shocking misunderstanding of Western Australia.

I think some of the commentators might hang out on the north shore of Sydney sipping their lattes and sipping their pinot grigio and I don’t think they have any clue about what’s going on here, about the economy, about the jobs and how we support them. I think those commentators in the east, they really need to learn a little bit about our state.

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