Coronavirus Australia live: Victoria premier Daniel Andrews provides Covid update after 113 new cases and 15 deaths | Australia news

There’s a huge difference. So, during the Black Lives Matter protest, we were operating under a very different set of rules. Under the Black Lives Matter protest, when that was on, leaving home to protest was a permitted activity.

There were restrictions on it, so the restriction was you can leave home to protest with a group up to 10 people, and in multiple groups, so long as there’s a 100m distance between each of those groups.

Now, in stage four, and also in stage three, which applies to regional Victoria, when those restrictions came in, public protest was removed as a permitted reason.

So, at the moment, across the state, in any context, in any location, you cannot leave home to protest.

Now, that’s the rule that applies now. That’s the rule that applied to the individual that we arrested yesterday. That’s the rule that applied when I stood here last week and warned everyone about what the rules were. Those rules did not apply during the Black Lives Matter protest.

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