‘Fall Guys’ Season 2: Everything we know so far

Mediatonic, the studio behind the game, kept a stash of ideas for season themes during development, associate lead artist Nicolas Pessina said. For Season 2, the team looked back at their options, and decided a medieval theme fit the bill best, particularly because it’s a theme common in bouncy castles — a silly aesthetic “Fall Guys” already strikes.

Each new season will come with its own theme, Mediatonic confirmed. Just how often we’ll see new content is still being considered, especially as it depends on resources available to the small team.

“We are hoping to at least get some kind of content out probably monthly,” lead level designer Megan Ralph told The Post. “Whether that’s going to be a small drop or new levels, we’re not really sure yet. But that’s the aim at the moment.”

Season 2 brings four new mini-game rounds, one of which is called “Wall Guys,” which tasks players with scaling walls as quickly as possible to reach a finish line. To hop over a wall, however, you have to move blocks and platforms to climb up.

“It’s a really interesting level because it’s ripe for that trolling element of the game,” Ralph said. “You’re either someone who lines up the blocks or you’re someone who jumps over the blocks and cheats someone out of their win.”

Other levels include a spin on Hoopsy Daisy, a mini-game that involves jumping through hoops to win points quicker than other teams. In this new level, you move ramps and platforms to reach the hoops, and there will be moving draw bridges as well. In the third, it’s an obstacle course with spiked logs that rotate, swinging axes and more. Mediatonic is keeping the remaining level under wraps for now, but it did recently announce Big Yeetus, a randomly-appearing swinging hammer that brings more chaos to rounds.

The Gamescom trailer showed costumes like dragons, sorcerers, knights and more, but the rest of the season’s skins are being kept secret.

When asked about the possibility of cross-play and private rooms to play with friends, Ralph said those features are planned, but still a “little ways off.”

“It’s just a case of figuring out what’s the best time to think about those features and then start working on them,” Pessina said.

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