‘The Startup Story Presents’ Episode 1: The Hatter

Learn about a bespoke hat shop that has a devoted following in the first video from the new “Startup Story” series.

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In this from the premiere episode of “The Presents,” the spotlight is on Biggar Hat Store, a bespoke hatmaker in Decatur, . Learn how the shop turns people who don’t typically wear hats into repeat customers by offering something you can’t find anywhere else.

Listen to the complete episode of “The Startup Story” featuring Jeff Biggar of Biggar Hat Store.

“The Startup Story Presents” is an extension of “The Startup Story” . Every episode of “The Startup Story” presents real founder stories that speak to the resilience and belief necessary to build a successful . New episodes of “The Startup Story Presents” will accompany remarkable podcast episodes.

“The Startup Story Presents” is made in collaboration with Think Branded Media.

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