This Entrepreneur Turned a $100 Investment Into a Successful Online Video Game Store

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While just starting a business is a difficult, doing it without the necessary capital is even more challenging. Mohammed is a young man who knows about it. His idea of starting a business was born from a simple conversation with a friend when he only had a limited capital of $100.

In 2018, Mohammed was talking to a friend about starting to sell player accounts online. Due to his limited investment budget, he started with one or two types of products. All of this without imagining that days later would be growing exponentially.

From being a limited business with a small budget, Mario Store became one of the best online stores for player accounts. It currently has more than 122,000 followers on the main social media and manages more than 40 products within its website.

The growth of the Mario Store as a virtual store was not by chance. Mohammed, seeing that his business could grow to magnificent levels, dedicated his time, effort and complete investment to work on it.

Since its inception, Mohammed has been confident in the potential of his project and the products it offers, enough to take risks for them. So far, online recognition has been enormous. What began working alone, for example, the administration of the website now has a specialized team to provide the best online service to users.

Evaluate your skills and capabilities

Mohammed has always been characterized as a video game enthusiast. For this reason, it is not surprising that his idea of entrepreneurship was focused on an area he knows and manages. This helped him to devote his commitment and interest, as well as great effort, to work on it.

Mohammed’s attitude is a clear example of the way one should act when wanting to start a business, even with limited capital. Although it is not an easy task, if there is the willingness and effort to do it, you can find the right ways to take the first step.

Invest responsibly

One aspect that the owner of Mario Store considers indispensable when undertaking business with little money, is to invest the capital responsibly. Although you don’t have much, wasting it is not the best alternative.

It is necessary to consider the priorities to carry out each step in a responsible way and to obtain results that allow to multiply the capital and to be able to make even greater investments according to the growth of the company.

Take away the fear of failure

While it is necessary to consider failure as a possible scenario when starting a business, having the ability to face it without fear is even more important. Although in Mohammed’s case no context led him to failure, starting his project was not easy.

However, he was willing to face any situation, because he was confident in the potential of his idea and what he could achieve with it. This helped him to stay focused on the purpose and not be afraid if things did not turn out as he expected because he dared to try.

Every sacrifice has a reward 

Everything in principle is a complicated process, to undertake even more. That is why Mohammed points out the importance of dedication, effort and willingness to make the necessary sacrifices to achieve the objectives.

In his experience, he says he had to focus mainly on getting results from his project. To do this, it was necessary to focus most of his energy on the whole process during the first few days. And although this has changed a lot, he works hand in hand with a team and has more experience. He points out that, it is always important to be willing to sacrifice to achieve what you want.

Use marketing properly

If there is one important element when starting a business with a small budget, it is to use marketing in the right way. In the case of the Mario Store owner, by entering his online store, digital marketing and social media have been a great ally to make his company known.

It is no longer just a video game store, but thanks to a large number of followers it offers its users the possibility of increasing their followers on Instagram.

Whether you want to leverage your brand for greater recognition or simply increase the number of followers on your profile, this service can also be found in Mario Store.

The opportunities are endless—it’s up to each person to take advantage of them in the right way to achieve their goals.      

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